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Windows Security

TSG Antivirus for Windows Personal Computers


TSG is designed and developed for all version windows PC to make it compatible and effective in scanning all levels of cyber threats keeping the system protective while enjoying web browsing and doing other activities safely.


TSG Internet Security’s firewall and defence mechanism provides a firewall protected safeguard system to keep unknown virus and malware away from the system allowing users to stay safe and enjoy a trouble-free computing.


TSG is featured with real-time scanning to continuously scan each and every folder including the file that has been accessed in use. If any kind of threat is detected TSG block the malware interference and avoid damages.

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A Multi-layered Threat Protection

For windows 8 PC users TSG provides a comprehensive security for all threats comes while web browsing, data transfer, app download and installation with reliable cloud-based scanning for real-time protection.

Enhanced PC’s Speed and Efficiency

TSG not only scan the malicious files instated it helps to enhance the speed and efficiency of the computer helping end-users to work smoothly without facing the sluggish performance of the system and similar issues.

One-click Virus and Malware Scanning

Though, TSG automatically scans the system on regular basis to find any possible threat while manual scan is available at one-click providing a user-friendly interference for new users to scan virus without any effort.

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Prevention Based Virus Protection

This antivirus software delivers firewall based virus protection to prevent any kind of precarious malicious files to keep the system safe from various threats keeping the system harmless during the use at any time.

Stay Protected with Protection Alert

Configuring the virus protection with TSG you can customize the firewall settings with automatically managed popups and alerts to keep you informed all-the-time as per your convenient time and availability.

Instant Updates on New Virus Definitions

TGS antivirus software is designed to keep you informed about every new updates instantly if it comes for virus definitions to keep your system stay protected from new threats keeping Windows 10 users safe all-the-time.

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You have taken the first step to protect your computer from viruses & spyware!

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