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TSG antivirus is certainly one of the best antivirus software programs available in the market. TSG is rich featured antivirus and antispyware system shielding your PC from danger from the web, unknown text, documents and even messages. It provides the additional security system amongst its counterparts as it incorporates the best of its innovation, the Defense+ Technology, Auto Sandbox Technology, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit and Boot Protection and what possibly not assured by any other available antivirus software that is 100% efficient. Day by day, the virus and other internet security are growing even bigger, so it has become important for any device to stay updated and free from any possible dangers and threats. Today antivirus software has been one of the most important segments of the tech industry. TSG antivirus provides additional protection shield to protect your system from any possible danger or threat. It provides the following next level security feature:

Real Time Scanning

TSG antivirus is specially designed to detect the presence of malware. It has dynamic scanning features that are repeatedly checking your computer for the presence of any malicious entities. Without this feature, it is much easier for something to penetrate your compute and start causing damage before you even realize it.

Powerful Antivirus

TSG antivirus has been designed to detect different types of virus and malware in compressed or uncompressed form. It is a robust antivirus program that doesn’t consume a lot of the system resources.

Auto Sandbox Technology

TSG antivirus program provide a secure environment to run files in real time to check for offensive play. It provides perfect platform that provides virtual space to run and analyze un-trusted malicious and unknown applications.


Spyware is a type of malware designed to installed on your computer without your knowledge in order to collect information on your computer. Spyware also degrade system performance by taking up processing power. TSG antivirus is specially designed to detect and remove unwanted spyware programs from your computers.


A rootkit is a program designed to provide intruder with administrative access to your system without your knowing. It can be used to remotely control your systems. A rootkit program hides its presence within some of the lower layer of the operating system. Some rootkits install its own drivers and services in the system and remain invisible. TSG antivirus offers the best rootkit scanner and remover features.

Powerful Firewall And Defense with TSG antivirus

TSG antivirus ensures the continuous safety and protection with the help of a powerful firewall. It can block incoming threats long before they contact your hard drive. The powerful TSG firewall helps in keeping away all the incoming threats. The real time scanning feature of TSG, continuously scan each and every folder including the file that has been accessed in use.

Social media protection

Nowadays many viruses specifically target social media. They can able to steal any information you have online like your password, phone number or personal data. TSG antivirus will alert you when an online phishing scan has been detected, or if you are about to click on a phishing link.

Email protection

TSG antivirus equipped with the ability to scan inbound and outbound email for infected attachment and web links to malicious websites

Wide protection

TSG has been designed and developed for all version of window to prevent, detect and remove all levels of computer viruses and cyber threats.

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